About Us

PT Adi Makmur Berkah is a company engaged in the provision of medical devices in Indonesia. Since its inception, the company has focused on providing medical devices for the Indonesian Air Force. However, with the rapid growth of health institutions in Indonesia, Adi Makmur Berkah began to expand its business scope by providing medical devices to various health institutions in Indonesia, both government and private.

Who we Are

professionals who care about the community and understand quality medical devices

As a manufacturer of medical devices, we are determined to provide products that meet international quality standards and assist healthcare professionals in carrying out their duties effectively and efficiently.


Our Values and Principles

PT Adi Makmur Berkah is a company engaged in providing medical devices with a focus on innovative, collaborative values, creative solutions, and responsibility. 


With technology that continues to develop, PT Adi Makmur Berkah always strives to keep up with the latest developments in medical device technology.


We value collaboration in their business. The company collaborates with various parties, including customers, doctors, nurses, and other parties related to the world of health.

Creative Solutions

The company always tries to find the best solution for customers, especially in the face of difficult and complex situations.


Our company is committed to providing safe and high quality products for customers. In addition, PT Adi Makmur Berkah also ensures that all products produced meet the quality and safety standards set by related parties.